As a portrait and headshot photographer serving Atlanta, I have been making masterpieces and memories for my clients for over 10 years. My love for art began in childhood with charcoal portrait sketches, and evolved into a passion for the camera.

Now, I aim to provide a modeling experience for everyday people. I use my lens and my artistic eye to invoke stunning images of my clients, who come to my studio just as they are, beautiful and rare, seeking a way to share themselves with the world -- and to have fun at the same time. Together, we form a creative partnership to design a visual narrative that tells their story with emotion and authenticity.

the artist

Hey there! my name is Josh. 

My inspiration for crafting portraits came from my childhood visits to Caracas, Venezuela, to see my father. He would take me to watch the street artists painting portraits of locals and tourists. Soon, I began to experiment with charcoal on paper. My love for portrait art grew out of the fine lines and shadings in the faces I sketched, the details in the skin, the clean contrast of black and white. In 2009, I picked up my first camera, and switched my medium to portrait photography. I have been inviting people to see themselves as invaluable artwork ever since.

As your photographer, my goal will be to empower you to feel glamorous and strong. I want you to let go of your concerns about weight and shape, wrinkles and blemishes, and to imagine yourself as a celebrity, posing for the cover of Vanity Fair, GQ, or Vogue. 
You have just one body and one lifetime. You should never doubt that you are worthy of celebrating your journey, and all of the visible impressions that your adventures have left with you.